Take creative control of your controllers!

Channel Chimp lets you control Modo using external input devices including: game controllers, touch screen tablets and smartphones, MIDI, and OSC.

"I’m very excited about the possibilities that Channel Chimp enables. Channel Chimp makes possible motion captured cameras, puppeteered characters, user drivable and flyable vehicle simulations to name but a few. Having a link to external hardware opens up exciting new ways of working!"

- John Knoll
"John Knoll on Vimeo"


Real-Time Input
  • Animate any Modo channel in real-time
  • Game controller support (HID compliant)
  • MIDI support (including SysEx)
  • OSC device support including touch screen tablets and phones
Easily Control Cameras & Vehicles
  • Easy to use game style camera and vehicle movement
Record Performances
  • Record and playback performances (including support for takes and trimming)
  • Record in synch with the Modo timeline
  • Record with live dynamics simulations
  • Create animation keys in Modo from performance recordings
Control MODO
  • Trigger Modo commands, scripts, and macros using input devices